While Doodle's rocket ship approaches Jupiter, his brother Gus is back on Earth expressing his own wanderlust albeit with less stellar results.

My recording space was in a building that we share with a bottle redemption center. Listen closely after the line "behind the Golden Wok".

This song is perhaps the epitome of my lyrical theme of recent years. We are our own worst enemies and that's why life is so much fun.


Woke up in the gutter from dreaming of my home
I’m smelling something other than
some meat upon a bone
Everything was perfect just the other day
I knew where I was going until I made my way

Unleashed in the city, Yes, I’ll go where I please
Unleashed in the city.
But to tell it to you, dearest friend
This world is truly alien
Where did they put all the trees?

Hang out at the firehouse.
Then behind the Golden Wok.
For a shower and a meal
all by four o’clock.
Cars go whizzing over me. People walk away.
I thought this life was mine
but I guess this is my day.

Unleashed in the city. Yes, I’m wild on the streets.
Unleashed in the city.
I know it’s written on my face
I’ve never seen a stranger place
Why won’t they turn on the heat?

Monkeys see, monkeys do
I’m sure they know what I’m feeling
Because tonight when they turn out the lights
They’ll see me through the holes in the ceiling

Unleashed in the city. Nobody holding me back.
Unleashed in the city.
I hope you’re digging what I mean.
You know this really ain’t my scene.
Where is the rest of my pack?


from Look What You Made Me Do (2012), track released February 29, 2012
written and performed by Adam Rabin
based on a concept by Chad Lemanski


all rights reserved



Adam Rabin Burlington

Where Prog Rock meets Geek Rock. Adam Rabin is a Vermont songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has also played with Elephants of Scotland, Mailbox, and musical improv troupe She Thicc. You can also hear Adam’s music on the podcasts: Improvised Weapons, Improv Overdrive, What The Hell Are You Watching, and Vermont Favorites. ... more

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