Tuesday Morning [Bonus Track]

from Look What You Made Me Do (2012) by Mailbox



During the month I wrote the album I put this story down on paper as well. The plan was to record some sparse acoustic guitar and do a spoken word of the story on top of it. I wasn't happy enough with the music so I let this one go.

For this re-issue I re-visited the guitar track I recorded and added some weird effects to it. I think it stands on its own just fine. I still didn't bother recording the voice but here is the story for your enjoyment:


And Arthur the bird woke up
It was Tuesday morning
He had his running shoes on
He slept in them
And he had his swimming cap tucked into his back pocket

It was early enough
So he had several worms for breakfast

Then he saw his old friend Agatha
She was walking west on 3rd Avenue
He was too far to call her name
So, he walked quickly toward her but couldn’t catch up
Even in his running shoes

Smart, he thought he was, he took off his running shoes
And he was able to run faster

But, just out of shouting distance, she took flight
He was now very glad he had taken off his running shoes
He took off as well and pursued her

But he had a belly full of worms
And he couldn’t keep up
He stopped off at a nursery atop a tree
He emptied his belly and fed the chicks
Now, he thought, for sure he will be fast enough

But the wind blew hard in his face
Not a problem, he thought, because the wind was blowing in her face as well
He pulled out his swimming cap and put it on
He was aerodynamic and cut right through the wind

He was making good time
But as he had stopped moments ago to put on his cap
she had disappeared over the horizon

“I must fly past the horizon. Then I will catch her,” he thought.
And he flew as hard as he could

But he had doubts
Was the swimming cap weighing him down more than it was helping?
He took off the swimming cap
(It landed on a baker’s rooftop where it sat unnoticed for a hundred years)

Arthur flew on but found himself no closer to the horizon
How could this be?
He could not catch up to the horizon let alone to his dear Agatha

In desperation and frustration, he pecked out all of his feathers mid-flight
Feathers just weigh me down, he thought.

Still, he fell short
Still, he was too slow

And then the bird said, “I could fly faster if it were not for these wings.”


from Look What You Made Me Do (2012), released February 29, 2012


all rights reserved



Adam Rabin Burlington

Where Prog Rock meets Geek Rock. Adam Rabin is a Vermont songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has also played with Elephants of Scotland, Mailbox, and musical improv troupe She Thicc. You can also hear Adam’s music on the podcasts: Improvised Weapons, Improv Overdrive, What The Hell Are You Watching, and Vermont Favorites. ... more

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