Henry the Mouse's Tea Party

from Elephino (1998) by Mailbox

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Such a shame about Henry. What's a mouse to do?

I was once told that one digests a meal better when accompanied. Maybe it's because conversation paces oneself. You can't talk and eat at the same time, so you take turns and take your time eating. Or maybe it's because the acids in your stomach build up when you're alone. An undeniable part of human nature is how we need the company of others. Indigestion is nothing more than the insides wanting out.


Henry's Tea Party
was smart and gay
No one fought and
no one got sick
From moldy old crumpets
or from cream
For everyone, Henry had tea.

Henry The Mouse's
Tea Party was planned
It was a revel unparallaled.
He did all the things that
a good mouse should do.
He ordered fresh crumpets.
He bought fresh cream.
But when Henry sought guests
he got lost
in the list of mice
who live in those parts
And Henry drank tea
alone in his heart.

Henry knew the mice all
but loved them none.
The one he called friend was
a cat outside his wall
Henry grey and small
Cat big and white
And Henry wanted the cat to tea
But there are things done
and there are things not
And Henry drank tea
alone in his heart.

Henry called the mice
who made him ill and queasy.
He made a long list
He invited them all
The mice came to Henry's
They sat and they sipped and
they ate they talked

and the cat just wanted
to sit and sip
(or maybe just sit)
But there are things done
and there are things not

and Henry knew better
'cause Henry was smart
But there are things done
and there are things not

and the cat wanted a friend
but Henry was smart
Smart Henry drank tea
alone in his heart.


from Elephino (1998), released February 2, 1998
music: Adam Rabin
lyrics: Sara Rabin


all rights reserved



Adam Rabin Burlington

Where Prog Rock meets Geek Rock. Adam Rabin is a Vermont songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has also played with Elephants of Scotland, Mailbox, and musical improv troupe She Thicc. You can also hear Adam’s music on the podcasts: Improvised Weapons, Improv Overdrive, What The Hell Are You Watching, and Vermont Favorites. ... more

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