Get Lost (2005)

by Mailbox

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With Get Lost, I wanted to focus on piano-based songwriting and a more live band sound. This is what Mailbox is now and, even though some of these songs are several years old, I find them all very exciting. I'm pushing myself to write more about what I know whether directly or symbolically.

As always, I had a great team of players and writers to bounce ideas off and collaborate with. Greg Skillman's classic surrealism finds a new kind of home on the strangely-erotic "The Stampede of Mules," the epic "Micronesia" and the purely fantastic "Dolphin Forest." Long-time friends and co-conspirators Scott Stout, Chris Combs and Jeff Margolis contributed a lyric each. Jeff also joined in with Vermont bandmates Chris Johnston and Jay Ekis to keep the grooves lively and ever-changing. Sara Rabin enchants the "Dolphin Forest" with her sweet voice.

Seven Days - Burlington, VT
John Pritchard

The assemblage of players this time around is impressive. Tracks such as the Joe Jackson-inspired "Disappear" and "Too Late" ... stand out for the accomplished musicianship of Rabin, bassist Jeff Margolis and guitarist Jay Ekis. Their synergy, anchored by Chris Johnson's percussion work, could dominate a room. Rabin's voice is wobbly and boyish, but he does not embrace that simplicity.

[Rabin] recorded and engineered the project at home with impressive results. In fact, home-recording connoisseurs should pick up the disc as an exemplar of the craft.

The closing portions of the record's lithe 10 tracks provide a welcome deviation from the front end's conventional piano-rock aesthetic. "Dolphin Forest," though lyrically psychedelic and theatrically awkward, is framed by a winsomely melodic vocal duet with Adam and Sara Rabin.

Get Lost is a worthy delivery from one of the region's boldly idiosyncratic songwriters.


released May 1, 2005

written and performed by Adam Rabin with Greg Skillman, Jeff Margolis, Chris Combs, Scott Stout, Chris Johnston, Jay Ekis and Sara Rabin. Cover art by Martha Hull.


all rights reserved



Adam Rabin Burlington

Where Prog Rock meets Geek Rock. Adam Rabin is a Vermont songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has also played with Elephants of Scotland, Mailbox, and musical improv troupe She Thicc. You can also hear Adam’s music on the podcasts: Improvised Weapons, Improv Overdrive, What The Hell Are You Watching, and Vermont Favorites. ... more

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Track Name: The Pieces
Where could I have put it
It was here a minute ago
I don't know how I lost it
I've been searching high and low
When I was young my mother told me,
"You better watch yourself
or else you might end up without a clue."

She cast her spell upon me
and made me into what I am
They say two heads are better than one
but only one makes you a man
When I was young my father told me,
"You better get in the game
or else you're gonna go blind."

Now that I have figured out
all the rules to this game
You jump in the ppol
Right after school
And never take the blame
And then the doctor tells you,
"Son, this really won't hurt a bit."

You take out all the pieces
of the jigsaw puzzle
and you try to make them fit
you try to make them fit
and when you do...
Track Name: Disappear
Aiming to get high and up late
Not that it's been so long
Rising through the smoke that it makes
better hold on

Maybe I should put on my skates
It's time to look alive now
Signed up for a slippery fate
and I'm sinking ... sinking down

I don't know where I go half the time
But I get there
With a wham who I am disappears
Now he's gone, gone, so long

Laserproof but not overplayed
It's nothing you can ride on
Giving all my memories away
Now they're all gone ... all gone

I dont care if I'm where I belong
'Cause I'm somewhere
All because who I was disappeared
Now he's gone

Ask me if I've been away
Really was it so long
Did you miss me or was I delayed?
If you came with, you'd be there by now

In the end I'm not anyone here
So I'm leaving
All because who I was disappeared
Now he's gone
Track Name: Snow
One time in a little town
she called me up to say
The snow might bring me down
if it doesn't go away

Ten feet beneath the snow
A candle lights a room
My shovel, where did it go
It's right next to the broom

I step out into the cold
Make a path to the street
Through the snow

I lost my sense of time
in the snow bank by the shed
You drove up just in time
To see me hit my head

The sun is in disguise
When clouds of Winter pass
There's the sunshine in your eyes
When I made you laugh

You step out into the cold
Walk the path I just made
Through the snow

Was that really so hard?
Or was it just a passing thing?
Is it really the snow
or something buried deep within?

One time in a little town
We sat beneath the snow
If the candle burned away
She forgot and let it go
Track Name: Die
A rodent scurries across the floor
You just stand there holding open the door
You let him in so get him out
Just don't stand there staring or he'll
Stay without a doubt

"It's just a mouse", you say, "Just a mouse"
Well, it's in my house and you just stand there
'Cause you don't want to die

He sleeps in your bed, nibbles your toes
You just lay there. Do you care, do you know?
You dream of the ocean, you dream of the beach
You dream of the sunshine while the tide takes your feet

Asleep and sublime with no track of time
A meaningless crime, well tell me,
Is that the way you want to die?

Where have you been?
Where did you go?
Where have you been and why don't you know?

A rodent scurries, out the door
On it's way, cos you were such a bore
No one to play with, nobody home
Just some signs of life holding up your bones

The grand designs of the leading minds
The best of times and the dreams we run after
They all seem to die, they all seem to die.
Track Name: The Stampede of Mules
The castrator breathes in a toothless mirage
Did psychedelic injury to the wheel of fromage
It withered and spun in a cascade of bees
That stung and splattered the landscape with cheese

I wiped you off and I read from your skin
Hieroglyphics of pleasure right above your shin
I understand nothing of faith and belief
Just the timeless wisdom etched on your teeth

We carried a suitcase of abstract dismay
It stretched out our arms and it pulled the wrong way
We let go in silence and left as it crawled
Right through our bodies and over a wall

I'm fragrant beneath you and glow like a shock
We channel the brilliance of aphids and rocks
The pirate he wants us to give him our jewels
But he'll never survive the stampede of mules.
Track Name: Micronesia
Though he was an ancient man
Wrapped in mummy tape
When the bandage was unravelled
We saw a tropical landscape

We stepped into his torso
Made like nothing wasn't wrong
And heard the ringing of a gong

Great leaves of palm
Endless beach's sand
Iguanas in the bushes
Feeding from my hand
Coconut milk shake
Melting in the sun
Island paradise inside
A body aged three thousand and one

She lay in solitude
On a coast that wasn't there
She made an angel in the sand
And threw the sun back into the air

She needs a coral necklace
And a seaweed woven blanket
Several million nightlights
And a turtle in a basket

Great leaves of palm
Endless beach's sand
Iguanas in the bushes
Feeding from my hand
Coconut milk shake
Melting in the sun
Island paradise inside
A body aged three thousand and one

Line her up some sea gulls
Make everything just right
So all the maiden's wishes
Can be made true tonight
Track Name: Under the Horse
You're riding tall and free
You're riding through the town
The finish line is all you see
You keep my blinders down

I take it all in stride
I never show a tear
You're sure you'll get the break
then you'll be in the clear

I think it's time you were under the horse
Then you'd see life from the other side
and something more than just the prize

You're always on the move
You've never had a doubt
I'm giving you the truth
Just look me in the mouth

I have the sense to see
What's happened to you
You're falling apart
But I can't be the glue

You'll run but not for long
You'll trail but never last
I won't be saddled down
I'm leaving for greener pastures
Track Name: Dolphin Forest
Out on the edge of town
When they let the sun go down
Masquerade into your mind
Now and then they're so inclined
But once they sense they've got you
Hanging out in Maccu Piccu
There is a light come bubblin up from behind

Way inside the Dolphin Forrest
Simmer Down through waves of sawdust
Floating around through leaves unnoticed
Way inside the Dolphin Forest
Way inside the Dolphin Forest

Nearby the road on out
As they keep us all in doubt
Put it all out of your mind
You must leave it all behind
And once they sense they know you
Understand their little voodoo
There is a light come bubbling up from behind

Way inside the Dolphin Forrest
Simmer Down through waves of sawdust
Floating around through leaves unnoticed
Way inside the Dolphin Forest
Way inside the Dolphin Forest
Track Name: Too Late
This is not my corner, this is not my scene
Bobby was my right-hand, now he's upstate keeping clean
I'll cover him this last time but never more again
That's no way to play me, that's no way to be a friend
I guess it was my fault. I coulda took the wrap

Now it's got me thinking, who sent Bobby down
Bunny's just too stupid, Mack was out of town
Joey's like a brother, he dealt me in the game
Oliver's our Buttons, but could he be to blame?
That's when I realized, you don't never trust a cop
But it was too late, it was too late
Bobby's in the cooler but Ollie's on the slate

If time was not an arrow
or a shadow in the haze
I'd go back to the time
Of simple older days

Now I'm playing back the evening
Over in my head
I think we could've made it
If stayed at home instead

But it was too late, it was too late
Someone had to fish, someone had to be the bait

When did Joey Halfpint pull the razor from his hat?
It must have been while I was working Oliver the Rat
Ollie saw it coming over my right ear
But he was gagged and tied-up and swallowed up by fear
I looked into his eyes and saw the razor's glare
But it was too late, it was too late
The last thing I saw was my head on a plate
Track Name: Stories
Gray in the trees
Weeds on the lawn
No one rings the bell
All your things are gone

Door's open wide
Wind blows through the hall
Shadows play outside
With moonlight on the wall

Dust on the chair
Sitting in the den
Creaks in the stairs
You'll never hear again

Stories of a home
Crawl beneath the floor
Ghosts of the past
Won't haunt you anymore

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